Dollops of lick-your-lips ice-cream-love in a sweet, scrumptious, airy waffle.

Washed down with a bubblicious milky tea....

Who could ask for more?

get ready for a taste revolution

tickle your taste buds with our tasty treats...

bubble waffles

fluffy airy bubbles of joy to lighten your day and brighten your heart

ice cream

award-winning creamy Yorvale ice cream from a cow-friendly farm

bubble teas

smooth, refreshing milk & fruit teas bursting with delicious flavour

Public Health Warning

Please be careful. Our Bubble Waffles, Ice Creams and Bubble Teas are seriously tasty – and after your visit, you may find yourself suffering from cravings for delicious sweet treats. Please rest assured that you can return to our store to satisfy your desire as many times as you want. We will be happy to oblige.

How Go waffle began

On a cool autumn evening in 1895, Princess Ling Wei Fung snuck out of the royal castle in the middle of the night. Her father, the king, had betrothed her to a man whom she did not love. Armed only with a small satchel containing a change of clothes and the royal chef’s secret egg-waffle recipe, she made her way to the harbour and hid in the cargo of a boat bound for the West.

Arriving in the UK, Princess Ling Wei Fung began work in a restaurant’s kitchen. She quickly surpassed the other staff and before long she became the restaurant manager. She fell in love and went into business with her partner, combining her family’s secret recipe for bubble waffles with her husband’s passion for ice cream. This is how the Go Waffle adventure began.

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What a fantastic find and just what we need in Durham! Never having had a waffle before I was uncertain what to expect but I wasn't disappointed. It was light and airy and utterly delicious. The staff were very friendly and helpful too.. I will definitely be returning to sample another one! I would thoroughly recommend this little gem of a shop.


our mission

Our Mission

We’d be lying if we said it was all about the food. Not that the food’s not important. 

Because it REALLY is

We know our selection of Bubble Waffles, Bubble Teas and Ice Cream will get your taste buds screaming…

I want more!

 – and demanding you come back to our Go Waffle Store super soon! But it’s more than just the taste. It’s the love ❤️❤️❤️ and dedication we put into preparing and making your food. It’s our commitment to making sure that when your eyes see your food and your hand reaches out to take it – a big wide smile will spread across your face. And your other hand will search instantly for your phone – so you can truly capture the moment.

That’s what we’re all about. That’s our mission. To make Bubble Waffles, Bubble Teas and Ice Cream Sundaes that taste…


and spread a smile to your face from ear to ear.
Go Waffle changes your mood. It brightens your day. Go Waffle is the

ultimate treat

It’s exactly what you deserve.



A dessert like no other – get ready for an assault on your tastebuds with our Cupped Bubble Waffles!

Choose from one of our mangnificent seven – or design your own with one scoop vanilla, one scoop your favourite flavour, sauce, wafers, and decorations to match…

Go waffle special bubbles

Bubble waffles served flat with either hot banana, hot brownie, nutella or biscoff…. with wafers, curls and decorations to match.


scrummy ice cream treats

Award-winning ice cream served in cups or cones, or as delicious ice cream sundaes.


And lots lots more to drink

..... whatever the weather, we've got you covered .....

Hot Drinks

Coffee, tea, & hot chocolate available with marshmallows and cream

Milk Medleys

Your favourite ice cream in a creamy milkshake-style drink

cold Drinks

Your regular fizzy favourites and/or water in bottles and cans

come find us

Go Waffle Durham

33 Saddler Street
Durham DH1 3NU

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